Teenage Boy’s Shoulder & Leg Restored

After the service, a boy about 12 or 13 came and asked for prayer. He said his right shoulder was in pain and it hurt to lift his arm up.

I prayed a quick prayer for Jesus to heal it and he said it was about 60% better. I prayed again thanking Jesus for touching him and rebuking the pain. He started shrugging his shoulder and moving his arm. He said all the pain was gone. Then he asked me to pray for his leg which had a knot on it. He said it had been there for about a month and it was getting bigger. I prayed healing for the muscle and asked Jesus to restore the leg. The boy reached down to feel it and to check it out. He said it was smaller. So I prayed again, and again it was smaller. I prayed one more time and he checked it out and couldn’t find it anymore. It was completely gone!

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