Forgiveness & Deliverance Bring Healing of 10 Years of Migraines & Body Pains!

I saw a lady, Selma, just standing by herself surrounded by empty chairs near the back of the hall. I saw no manifestation of the Holy Spirit on her. I went over to her and she seemed ok for me to pray over her. 

I prayed for more, more of the Holy Spirit and nothing much seemed to be happening. I got a word that she had a broken heart. An interpreter came over and then we prayed for her emotions and heart. She eventually shared that she had been divorced twice and that both husbands had attacked her through witchcraft. She had pains in her body for over 10 years, migraine headaches for over 10 years. I led her through prayers of forgiveness. After forgiving a lot of people, we prayed for deliverance. Instantly the migraine headache of 10 years, arm pain, leg pain and pains moving in her body were gone! – Louise

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