Denmark, England 2016


Partially Deaf Ear Opened and Pain in Ear Healed

An elderly man came forward, pointing to both of his ears; unfortunately we didn’t have a interpreter so we couldn’t be certain the duration of his deafness and how deaf he was. However we did work out (through our limited Portuguese) that he was deaf in his right ear and had inflammation in his left ear and sinuses. First we commanded the right ear to open in Jesus’ name. We checked and he said it was 20% better, and he had a big smile on his face. We asked him if we could pray again. I laid my hand on his right ear and my husband cast out the spirit of deafness. After waiting on Holy Spirit and thanking God for the healing that had already taken place, we asked him again and he said it was now 30% better. 

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Young Woman with Multiple Issues Forgives - Foot Healed, G. I. Tract Touched

We were praying for the sick during Randy’s sermon. Alison and I prayed for a gal in her 20s who came in a wheelchair whose bones were deteriorating because she was not able to digest calcium. She had crutches as well as a bag that had all her nutrients going through her heart and arm.

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Healing of Tooth & Gums Reaps Blessing & Anointing!

We had ministered with Tom in a small church and then went to Christ church and arrived as Bill Johnson was finishing his sermon. We were in the café watching it stream when Bill mentioned the overflow rooms. Alison and I went into one. I had a word of knowledge for a pain the right side of the neck.

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Deaf in Right Ear Since Birth, Woman Is Healed & Hears!

Tonight in Bristol, England we had just finished calling out Words of Knowledge and people were coming up for prayer after the service. A young woman came up in my line to ask for prayer. After some general small talk and loving on her a bit, I asked what she needed prayer for. She shared with me she had been deaf in her right ear all her life.

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After 15 Years of Neck Pain, Forgiveness of Parents & Husband Brings Healing!

One of my favorite inner healings happened when a woman came to get prayer for the discs in her neck. I found out that this injury came from her husband violently beating her and now 15 years later she was in bad pain. I asked her before we (my catcher/interpreter and I) prayed if she had any unforgiveness toward her husband. 

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