Nigeria 2016


Arthritis in Hand and Knees 80% Healed!

Today I pray for an old woman between the age of 70 or 80. She had arthritis in both knees and her left hand for a long time. We praised God for all the people He had healed.

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Forgiveness Releases Healing of Pain in Abdomen & Neck!

Woman with unforgiveness toward her father was experiencing neck problems strain and stress in her neck and abdominal problems involving her female organs. She was in pain.

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Throat & Chest Pain Healed in the Name of Jesus!

A woman with a pain in her throat and chest came forward for prayer. She had this condition for two months. We ask the Lord to remove anything which was blocking her from receiving her healing. The throat pain went away and she was 90% better. I prayed for the chest to be filled with the breath of God. I commanded the chest pain to go in the name of Jesus, and she immediately was healed.

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Childhood Shoulder Injury Healed in 20-something Man

I prayed for a man in his 20s who had a fall as a child and had torn the ligaments in his shoulder. The ligaments had not healed correctly. 

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Woman Receives Sovereign Healing of Breast Tumor!

A woman with a tumor in her breast came forward responding to a word of knowledge. She was sovereignly healed. I put my hand on her and before I could pray she fell out in the Spirit. When she got up she said she felt heat throughout her body, and when she checked to see if she could feel the mass on her breast. It was gone! Glory to God! – Joyce

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