Household Gets Touched and Healed on Outreach

We had a team of 4 people and a teacher from Vientes Fresca deliver food packages to people in the community near the school. We stopped at a house to ask where one of the addresses were and then asked the lady of the house if she needed prayer for anything. She had a cancer in her abdomen. She could feel it. We prayed and cursed it. She felt it go away. Then one of our team members kept praying for her and she went out in the spirit. She went out for several minutes, and afterwards she knew her cancer was totally healed.

She had a 30 year old daughter and we asked if we could pray for her. She said she had something wrong with her ovaries. We prayed for her. She felt a change and then went out in the spirit too. The father of the house had pain in his shoulder and arms. We prayed for him and all the pain went after several prayers.

Then a guy walked by that was using a cane.  It took a bit of convincing but finally he sat in the chair in front of us and received healing prayer which included a team member praying for and seeing his leg to grow out!  He didn't need the cane when he walked off.

-Patrick, Supervisor 

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