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Back & Wrist Leave!

I think her name was Penelope and she said her wrist and back would hurt limiting her ability to go out even to church. I prayed for her and nothing happened. 

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Jaw Pain Disappears, Back/Shoulder Pain Leaves

I received a word of knowledge for back/shoulder pain near the shoulder blade. We were doing street ministry and some interpreters brought us to a woman who had left jaw pain. 

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Healings Take Place During a Walk in the Village

One morning we went out to the different houses to pray for people. The first house in the village that we came to was the home of an elderly lady who was a Christian. She had some back pain so we prayed for her and God healed her. I got a word that God wanted to give her more dreams and visions. She said that about a week ago, she had a dream that we were coming to pray for her. And then the pastor also gave a word that we were coming.

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Man's Back Totally Healed

I was asked to pray for a man who had pain in his back. The interpreter said he couldn’t bend over.I commanded the pain to leave and the muscles and tendons to relax. I commanded all stress to be gone and the back to come into alignment.

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Muslim Woman Receives Healing in the Park

God highlighted a Muslim lady to us that was watching her children play at the park.  The Holy Spirit showed us that she was really, really tired.  We approached her to pray for her.  She was friendly but not excited about prayer.  When we asked if she had any pain her two children started telling us that she had back pain so severe that she couldn’t sleep at night and that she threw up from the pain.  We prayed for her lower back and the pain disappeared.

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