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Jesus Touches and Heals a Woman with Cancer and her Sick Child

During a time of door to door outreach, one of the prayer teams met a woman and her daughter who were both sick. The mother was seated on a mat outdoors, helping her husband chop up raw pig meat. They were chopping to sell the meat to raise money so that she could go to the hospital in Pemba, a three hour drive away. She had cancer and several years before had had an operation in which they removed twelve tumors from her abdomen. She was left with constant pain and difficulty going to the bathroom. The team began to pray with her and encouraged her. She recommitted her heart to Christ.

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Deaf Right Ear Healed After Nearly 18 Years

On this Saturday workshop at the IMUCE church in Ribeirao Preto, Steve Wilson and Carter Wood were teaching on healing. We had an opportunity to pray for people. A young woman about 24 years old came from prayer for a deaf right ear.

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Partially Deaf Ear Opened and Pain in Ear Healed

An elderly man came forward, pointing to both of his ears; unfortunately we didn’t have a interpreter so we couldn’t be certain the duration of his deafness and how deaf he was. However we did work out (through our limited Portuguese) that he was deaf in his right ear and had inflammation in his left ear and sinuses. First we commanded the right ear to open in Jesus’ name. We checked and he said it was 20% better, and he had a big smile on his face. We asked him if we could pray again. I laid my hand on his right ear and my husband cast out the spirit of deafness. After waiting on Holy Spirit and thanking God for the healing that had already taken place, we asked him again and he said it was now 30% better. 

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Girl Deaf in Right Ear Since Birth Hears a Whisper!

Tonight a girl came to me requesting prayer for her right ear. She said she had been deaf since birth, but when the word of knowledge was given for right ear she could feel a sensation in her ear. After a couple minutes of prayer she said it was about 10%. After another couple minutes we snapped our fingers by her ear and her eyes lit up.

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Deaf in Right Ear Since Birth, Woman Is Healed & Hears!

Tonight in Bristol, England we had just finished calling out Words of Knowledge and people were coming up for prayer after the service. A young woman came up in my line to ask for prayer. After some general small talk and loving on her a bit, I asked what she needed prayer for. She shared with me she had been deaf in her right ear all her life.

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