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Woman Feels Heat, Hearing Restored

A lady came forward for prayer who was deaf in her right ear. The ear became deaf when she had a lot of stress. The stress had ended but her deafness remained. I prayed twice and her hearing returned. She said that she could feel heat while I had been praying. – Daniel, Pastor Trainee 

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Tinnitus & Deafness Healed!

A woman, who had very little hearing in one ear, had begun losing her hearing on the other ear as well. I prayed for a little while, commanding the ears to open. At the first evaluation she told me that the noise in her ears had disappeared and that one ear was good now.  

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Tinnitus Ceases!

During our first night at Four Square Church a man named Jose came to us for prayer. Jose was a musician about 50 years old and had significant hearing loss and tinnitus from years of playing loud music. After several questions we ruled out any other causes for his hearing loss. We placed our hands over his ears and commanded his ears to open. We asked him if anything was happening and he replied his hearing improved 60%. So we laid our hands on his ears again and commanded his ears to be completely opened. Jose said that the ringing in his ears was completely gone. We were all very excited and were praising Jesus.

– Christopher and Monica, Retired.

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Man Totally Healed of Tinnitus

We were praying for people and a man came up to me. He was wearing a blue rain coat and he told my interpreter he had ringing in his ears. 

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Words of Knowledge "PTSD" & "Jennifer" Leads to Deliverance

I got a few words of knowledge in the day before the healing service. I heard "a couple with two kids, one is in the hospital," "PTSD", "Jennifer", "Derek" and "ear drum." I felt God saying my strongest word was "PTSD" and "Jennifer" so I spoke that at the service. No one came to my line to say they were the person.

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