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Emotional and Shoulder Healing

A young woman came forward and the despair upon her face was palpable.  She related through the translator that she experienced pain when having relations with her husband.  She had been to doctors but they could not find anything wrong with her physically.  As a result, her marriage was suffering.

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Love Heals the Pain

I prayed for a young mother with severe neck pain, limited mobility and lumbar pain. Her lumbar pain was healed first and fairly quickly. After prayer, she gained mobility in her neck and was able to turn her head. Prior to that, I had her turn her head seven times as an act of faith. Her pain went from an 8 to a 3.

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Freedom from Depression

Two young women came to me separately this evening wanting prayer for depression. Kenia, 25, said she had a broken heart and had been depressed for a year. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would pour into her the perfect peace of Jesus and the Joy of the Lord, that the Holy Spirit would pour love, forgiveness and compassion into her and take away the pain, in Jesus’ name. Smiling, Kenia hugged me and said that she felt peace. We praised Jesus for what He was doing in her.

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Forgiveness Brings Healing to Right Shoulder

A woman came up after a word of knowledge for pain in the right shoulder was called. She had severe pain in her left shoulder and could not lift her arm half way above her. I prayed and blessed her arm three times. Nothing happened. She felt nothing. I asked about forgiveness. She mentioned a man’s name. It was very hard for her to forgive him. I encouraged her to just pray it out and I gave her the time she needed. After she was able to pray out forgiveness immediately she could lift her arm and the pain was gone. All was good!

– Christina, Housewife

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Roots of Sickness Revealed, Fibromyalgia Healed


There was a woman who had stomach problems, leg pain, and Fibromyalgia along with a heart problem. I had just been healed of Fibromyalgia so I took authority over it in Jesus’ name. She fell into a chair and after a moment, I asked what she was experiencing. She said it didn’t feel good because she got a headache and felt like she was somewhere else. I knew we were dealing with demonic oppression, so I asked what else happened in her life when she was diagnosed with the Fibromyalgia and arrhythmia. She said her son was falsely accused and thrown in jail for murder.


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