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Extreme Ovarian Pain Leaves; Joy Resides

I had been given a word of knowledge for cancer of the blood.  I noticed a man who had been sitting with a woman that appeared to be quite moved in the spirit.  He kept pointing at me and the moment Randy released them to come forward for prayer, he guided her to me.  He shared through the translator, once again DJ, that she had ovarian cancer.   

I asked if I could place my hand on her and she nodded with some apprehension.  As a result, I was careful not to place my hand on her body but lightly touched her clothes around the abdominal area.  As I was praying, I felt to place my hand where it was actually touching her body.  At this, her face registered surprise and she began to poke her fingers into her side.  She began poking them so hard, I thought they may come out the other side!  When her husband noticed this, he began to shout and praise God.  He shared with us that she had been in so much pain that she could not even bear to be touched in that area.  Now the pain was completely gone.  It sounded like she had been able to feel something in the area that now she could no longer feel but I am not 100% certain of this because of the language barrier.  They felt certain that she was healed.  I was touched by his faith and his love for her.  It seemed as if God was responding to his cry for her as she was too weak and overwhelmed to hope for herself. 

I am asking God to remind me of more because He was moving and healing faster than I could keep up!


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