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Extreme Ovarian Pain Leaves; Joy Resides

I had been given a word of knowledge for cancer of the blood.  I noticed a man who had been sitting with a woman that appeared to be quite moved in the spirit.  He kept pointing at me and the moment Randy released them to come forward for prayer, he guided her to me.  He shared through the translator, once again DJ, that she had ovarian cancer.   

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Lung Pain from Cancer Departs

Matt and I were enjoying worship. One of the interpreters came up to Matt and asked if he could pray for a man with lung cancer who had to depart the meeting early. We interviewed the man and began to pray for him. The man stated he had excruciating pain at a 10/10. Matt cursed the pain and then we re-interviewed him. He was feeling better.

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Cancer & Pain Leave Woman's Body

An elderly lady called Mercia came for prayer. She had recently had an operation to remove a cancerous tumour, but she was still in pain all over her body. When I asked her what the degree of her pain was, she said it was at level 10/10.

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Man Healed of Cancer Given New Hope!

We went in to visit a man, who was from the local church and dying of cancer. He had a cancerous tumor in his body. His motorcycle was also recently stolen, and he had given up hope. 

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Pain in Legs Goes! Fear of Cancer Returning Leaves!

I prayed with a woman who previously had cancer but had already had surgery to remove it. As a result she lived in great fear that it would return and had constant pain down her legs. 

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