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Forgiveness Leads to Healing in Joints

A  lady by the name Georgia came forward. She had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism in the last  five years and was on medication. This condition brought her pain on her joints especially her left shoulder and the whole of her left arm. Her pain was chronic for the past three years and just getting worse to a point of having  sensations and no strength on the left arm and hand. I asked her to try to squeeze my hand with her left hand and it brought her to tears and she was shaking.

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Man's Joint Pains Go & Pancreas Healed

The last person we prayed for had diabetes and joint pain. I was led to pray first for the worst joint pain in his knees. After two short prayers, the knee pain was gone! I encouraged him that this meant Holy Spirit was at work healing him.

Categories: September Brazil 2016 Tags: Diabetes, Joint Pain, Pancreas


Dramatic Healing of Brain Lesion & Chemo Side Effects Manifests

A woman came asking for prayer for the residual brain tumor to disappear, osteoporosis mainly in her back and all joint pain from the effect chemo drugs. Six months ago she had a brain lesion removed through her sinus, but the surgeon was unable to remove it all because its location in the frontal lobe of the brain.

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Brazil - Pain in Joints Relieved

One night I prayed for young man with joint pains. For past 2-3 years he has been experiencing
significant pain in all of his joints in body at one time or another. Tonight only his left elbow and right ankle were in pain. I laid hands on left elbow and commanded pain to leave – 100% pain free. Then laid hands on right ankle with same prayer command resulting in 100% pain free ankle.

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Brazil - Swelling in Hand Reduced

A couple came for prayer. The husband had a sore back (upper right) from over lifting that week. He also had increasingly sore and swollen joints in both hands. The pain and swelling in his hands were steadily getting worse over the past year. It was adversely affecting his work at this point. I commanded pain to go, swelling to leave and for complete healing. He broke into a heavy sweat while praying. After repeating prayer commands and re-interviewing 3 times – He was 50%, 70% then 100% pain free and the swelling had been reduced 80%.

Categories: Testimonies, Brazil - March 2013, Physical Tags: Hand Pain, Joint Pain

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