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Burdens Released and Breathing Made Normal

A lady reported having issues of anxiety, fear, depression, panic and sleeplessness. I had her renounce any agreements made with the spirit of fear and associated spirits. I broke off the spirit of infirmity and released peace over her. She reported she felt better and could breathe better (60% improvement).

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Brazil - Breaking Panic and Fear

Today we went to a church service. After the message, there was ministry time and I prayed for several women. The 2nd one started to cry while I was praying for her. She dropped to the floor and started crying harder. I was able to get an interpreter and found out that she was feeling deep pain (emotionally) and suffered from panic attacks. I asked if there was anything connected to the start of the panic. Her dad had been in an accident and that was when the panic started. So I encouraged her to not agree with fear anymore (to say that out loud). After she'd done that, I told her that perfect love casts out all fear and God is perfect love. Then I prayed for God to come and break off the panic and the fear - and to fill her with His perfect love and peace.

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