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The Father's Love Heals Old Heart Wounds

A while before the service, the Holy spirit highlighted a lady sat at the back of the church. Although I knew the Lord wanted to say something to her, I had no clue what He wanted to say specifically. In faith that He could fill my mouth, I approached her with an interpreter.

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Set Free to Minister, Prophesy

My whole life I have always been quiet. I speak soft, so I get talked over a lot. Many times people I am around are very quick on their feet when it comes to thinking, talking and praying. Over the last few years I knew I was not operating from the person God created me to be because my thoughts and my voice were shut down.

Categories: Testimonies, Mozambique - November 2013, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Bondages Broken, Emotional Issues, Prophetic, Salvation


Honduras -- Spiritual

May 18, 2013 – San Pedro Church

There were so many special encounters I experienced during the ministry times at different churches and during the medical brigades because of the evidence of God's love and provision toward these people. One special event was during the youth impartation service in which I prayed for and spoke prophetic words of destiny over some of the youth.

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Honduras -- Spiritual, Healing and Blessing

May 18

We have a beautiful service at a church way out in the country. Before the service, we met with the Pastor and his wife in the prayer room. They prophesied over each team member. The Pastor told that God wanted to use my hands for healing.

Categories: Testimonies, Honduras 2013, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Healing, Prophetic


Brazil - Prophetic Word of Encouragement

God gave me prophetic words of encouragement that changed the countenance (from crying to joy) of two women, one of whom was the wife of a pastor.

Categories: Testimonies, Brazil - October 2011, Spiritual Tags: Prophetic

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