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Word of Knowledge for Carlos Part 1

Earlier in the week I had received the name “Carlos” when I had prayed for a word of knowledge.  I asked the Lord if there was more but didn’t receive anything more.  That night we were at a church of about 75 people and I gave the word but no one stood up.  I was discouraged but then thought maybe it was for a Carlos somewhere else.  Sunday night at CCF church I gave out the word of knowledge of “Carlos”.  When we did ministry time two Carlos’s came to me because of the word of knowledge.  This is the testimony regarding the first Carlos.

He wanted prayer for two things.  He was born with very little vision in his left eye.  He could see a little light but everything was very, very blurry.  He was unable to make out images or read any letters.  He also wanted prayer for an infection on his neck that was red and puffy.  I put my hand over his left eye and asked the Holy Spirit to come with His healing power into his eye.  I waited few moments and then in Jesus’ name commanded his eye to come into alignment the way it was created to see perfectly and commanded any afflicting spirit and any spirit of blindness to leave.

I then asked him to check his eye.  He looked at the large screen on the side of the sanctuary and said he could see clearly enough to read the large letters but not the small letters.  He was excited because it had always been very blurry. I asked him how much better it was and he said about 40%.  I asked if he’d felt anything and he said he’d felt heat.  I then prayed a second time, thanking God for what he was doing and asking God to complete the healing.  I then repeated the same prayer as before.  When he checked his eye after the second prayer time he said it was either about the same or maybe slightly better.  I prayed a third time the same way.  When he checked it, the eye was still at 40% improvement. He was excited that he could now see more clearly and read large letters.

He then asked me to pray for the infection on his neck.  I laid my hands on his neck and asked the Holy Spirit to come with His healing power.  I then commanded in Jesus name all infection to leave his neck and body, all inflammation to leave and any spirit of infirmity or affliction to leave.  He said he’d felt a lot of heat when I prayed.  We believed that God was healing the infection.  We praised Jesus and thanked Him.

-Allison, Retired

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