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Broken Bones Healed in the Hospital

We were in the broken bone area of the hospital and we prayed for four people. Three of them got healed. The first lady had been run over by a motorcycle and broke her right leg. She was in so much pain that for nights she couldn’t sleep. We prayed for her a few times until all the pain was totally gone! The other two were young men. One had a fracture and the other one got shot at his leg. Both were healed!

Claudia, Homemaker

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Brazil - Broken Bone in Upper Arm

As I was finishing praying for a woman, three men in their mid-twenties were walking by heading for the exit. The third guy had a sling on his arm. I asked him if I could pray for him; he hesitated. I asked him again. He shrugged his shoulders and said okay. He had been in a bad motorcycle accident and broke the bone in his upper arm. He had a six-inch scar, said there were two metal plates and eight screws He had a lot of pain with it and could only extent his arm about two inches, being unable to rotate his arm. I prayed for him for healing, God’s Spirit fell on him, he dropped to the ground. His two friends were wide-eyed, saying how bad his injury was. When he got up, he said it didn’t hurt anymore! He then took off the sling and began extending his arm and rotating his arm pain free! He was amazed! My
interpreter was amazed! I was amazed, too! This is very new to me that God would work through me to heal someone. I felt a mixture of elation and reverential fear of the presence of God. What a night!

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