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Deaf Ear Opens!

During tonight’s service I was approached by a man and a woman asking me to pray for the man’s right ear. They said he had no hearing at all in his ear. I asked his name and he said, “Emerson”. I laid my hands on his ear and prayed to God to open his ear, speaking directly to it. 

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Women's Deaf Ear Opens and Sore Stomach Feels Peace

An older lady wanted prayer for her family to be saved. I had the feeling to ask her if she had any pain or sickness in her body that she wanted prayer for. She said yes. She had a deaf ear and a sore stomach. So I started praying for and blessing her, her family, her body, her ear. I commanded the ear to open up and asked the Father to send His healing angels to put everything in her ear back in its divine order how He created it to be. I snapped my finger in her ear and asked her if she heard anything.

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Back, Shoulder, & Deaf Ear Restored

A guy had been 100% deaf in his left ear since he was six years old because of some acid that had accidentally poured down his ear. This also caused his ear to be completely closed. He had no ear canal, just skin there. I prayed for him for approximately forty minutes and his hearing was 80% healed, even though his ear was still sealed.

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Man’s Deaf Ears Open!

An elderly lady asked to have her husband of 63 yrs. I prayed to remove deafness. He wore a hearing aid and still could not hear more that 30%. I could not understand them so I began praying and asking Jesus to heal him. After a minute of prayer he looked up. Without his hearing aid he could hear someone snapping their fingers from about five feet away in a loud room.

– Jed 

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Deaf Left Ear Opens 80%

A man in his 50s had been completely deaf in his left ear since a soccer wound 22 years ago. He received complete hearing during a second prayer ordering the ear to open.  We tested it with somebody making noise about eight feet away on his left while holding his finger in his right ear.  He testified that his hearing was at least 80% restored. – Lynn 

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