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Blurred Vision 100% Restored

For two years, Sarah had blurred vision, which caused seeing to be a challenge for her. Sarah told me that she had received prayer in the past and experienced some healing, but she wanted to be 100% healed. At this point, she was 50% better before prayer. Using a commanding prayer, Sarah’s eyesight progressed from 80% to 90% and then to 95%.

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Eyes Healed


This evening at Rhema, I had a word of knowledge for someone with thick glasses who wanted their eyes healed. A middle-aged man, Mauricio, came forward. He was far-sighted. I prayed, laying hands on his eyes as he closed them. I prayed a few times, releasing heaven, and then he could see. He could read my name tag close up and was very happy, hugging me. I could tell that his eyes were new. – Chris 


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Eyesight Restored

A teenage girl came for prayer because she was having trouble with her eyes. Her vision was not clear. I prayed for His Presence and the filling of the Holy Spirit. She started weeping.

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Multiple Healings and Touches of the Holy Spirit

Last night I preached at the same church I was at last week. I was able to pray for a couple of people. Some of the problems were an afflicting spirit, a leg growing out, red eyes and blurry vision, back problems, stomach/digestive problems and knee problem.

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Mozambique - Eyes Healed

May 31

I prayed for a man's eyes (had problems with eyes) after 2 minutes of praying he started dancing and pointing to the sky. He came back and later signaled that he was healed. A man who spoke some English said I prayed in his language and that it was not Makua or Portuguese. -- James

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