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Healing of Knees, Eye & Head Pain Comes

I received a word of knowledge for left sharp or constant knee pain. Two people came up. One lady came up to me and said she had constant left knee pain for years. We prayed a couple times and her pain completely went away.


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Muslim Woman Receives Healing in the Park

God highlighted a Muslim lady to us that was watching her children play at the park.  The Holy Spirit showed us that she was really, really tired.  We approached her to pray for her.  She was friendly but not excited about prayer.  When we asked if she had any pain her two children started telling us that she had back pain so severe that she couldn’t sleep at night and that she threw up from the pain.  We prayed for her lower back and the pain disappeared.

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Woman Healed in the Village

We were in the village one day. It was a pleasure to help pray for a woman who’s head pain and arm pain was healed. I also prayed for a woman with stomach pain and through hand motion believed that she was healed but can’t be certain.

Cynthia, Executive Assistant

Categories: November Mozambique 2017 Tags: Arm Pain, Head Pain, Stomach Pain


Extreme Pain Disappears

Woman came with extreme pain in her head and in the right ribs area which went down to her leg. After prayer the pain disappeared immediately.

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Three Ladies Healed: Two with Shoulder Pain, One with Headache

I prayed for a few people without Interpreter and they were blasted. I also prayed for inner healing for them. Near end Blaine asked people to put their hands up if they were still waiting for prayer. There were two ladies who had their hands up. The first lady pointed to her shoulder and I asked her on a scale 1 to 10 how painful it was. She said ‘10’. I started praying for her and could feel heat on my hands. As I continued to pray she went down in the Spirit.

Categories: Testimonies, December Brazil 2016 Tags: Head Pain, Inner Healing, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain

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