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Word of Knowledge for Carlos Part 1

Earlier in the week I had received the name “Carlos” when I had prayed for a word of knowledge.  I asked the Lord if there was more but didn’t receive anything more.  That night we were at a church of about 75 people and I gave the word but no one stood up.  I was discouraged but then thought maybe it was for a Carlos somewhere else.  Sunday night at CCF church I gave out the word of knowledge of “Carlos”.  When we did ministry time two Carlos’s came to me because of the word of knowledge.  This is the testimony regarding the first Carlos.

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Mother Healed 100% of Asthma, Daughter Healed 80% of Infection

Last night as we were praying for a mother and daughter who had come up for prayer. The mother indicated that she was having asthma and allergy problems. Her chest and lungs were tight and she was having trouble actually breathing. 

Categories: Testimonies, December Brazil 2015 Tags: Allergies, Asthma, Infection


Brazil - Infection in Reproductive Area

The second lady had infection throughout her reproductive area. She felt movement and fire in that area as soon as we prayed, and was healed.

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Mozambique - Infection

This evening in Kemela, in the bush, I prayed for a man that had an infection in a very personal area. After praying multiple times, each time saying it was better than before, he said that the problem was all gone, and wanted to give testimony.

Categories: Testimonies, Mozambique May-June 2011 Tags: Infection, Personal Issue


Brazil - Left Leg Infection

I prayed for another who had pain in his left leg, possibly an infection and he was instantly healed. He over and over expressed extreme gratitude.

Categories: Testimonies, Brazil March 2011 Tags: Infection, Left leg Pain

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