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Metal Disappears and a Husband and Wife Both Receive Physical Healing

A husband came up with his wife for prayer. He had pain in his elbow, pain in his ankle/foot (because a previous injury and metal), stiffness and pain in his shoulders and a problem with a heart valve. I asked the wife and the translator to pray for his shoulders. They loosened up and the pain left immediately. We started to pray for his ankle/foot. The first time the pain was cut in half. The second time we prayed, the pain almost left completely.

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Pain From Metal Prosthesis Disappears

I walked right by a man at the top of an escalator trying to figure out how he could get down without losing his heavy bag or his balance while his arm was in a sling. Megan told me to ask if I could carry his bag down. At the bottom he said he had had a metal prosthesis put in his shoulder 8 days before and he had severe pain day and night, which Jesus completely took away. We also prayed for a cab driver with pain in his thigh, which Jesus took away.

-Jon and Megan, Doctor and Human Relations

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Healing of Metal in Back

At ‘Vida Nova”/”New Life” church, I gave a word of knowledge for “Pain in back and hips relating to uneven length of legs” In my prayer line, I prayed for two persons with pain in back and hips, without them knowing if any leg was shorter than the other. They were both healed.

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Pain in the Hip Goes!

A woman with scoliosis, metal in her hip and pain in the hip came forward for prayer. I prayed for the hip and the pain disappeared. She tried to walk a couple of times and felt the she walked a little better. I prayed for the scoliosis without any visible signs of anything happening.

– Torsten 

Categories: Sept 2017 Brazil Tags: Hip Pain, Metal, Scoliosis


Mobility Restored for Man with Metal in Shoulder, Neck & Leg

I prayed for a man who had metal all throughout his shoulder, neck and leg on the left side of his body. He began at a pain level of 9. He also had very little mobility. I commanded the pain to be gone and to have full mobility. 

Categories: Testimonies, December Brazil 2016 Tags: Full Mobility, Little Mobility, Metal

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