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Prayer of Repentance

While flying to Brazil, I had a vision of a curly hair man with a blue polo with white horizontal stripes. We saw him today. He looked very mean and angry. I asked Matteo the translator to tell him I was a Christian practicing listening to God and I believed God wanted to touch him.  

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Back Pain Leaves After Repentance

A young man I prayed over asked me if I would come pray over another lady.  After getting 2 translators working together to find out what the problem(s) were, we learned she had been involved as a 'spiritualist' (not for Jesus).  She had terrible back pain still.  I asked if she had repented of all the stuff related to spiritualism and she said she had.  So, I then commanded the pain in her back to leave.  I prayed twice and after the 2nd time, all the pain in her back had left.  Praise Jesus!!   

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Repentance Breaks Agreement with "Curse", Body Is Blessed, All Pain Goes!

I prayed for a woman named Bianca, 39 years old who had had problems with her ovaries and had been in constant pain since age 15. According to the doctors, it was not endometriosis. I prayed several times and the pain decreased a little.

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