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Stomach Pain from Gastritis Completely Gone

My translator and I prayed for a woman who had stomach pain. We prayed for her once and nothing changed. I prayed again and put my hand on the small of her back. After several seconds, she fell forward under the power of the Holy Spirit. She was out. Later in the evening, we found her and she was completely healed. We learned that she suffered from gastritis for several years and suffered with pain daily. She tried medical treatment but the treatment failed. As soon as she got up after prayer, she felt deep peace and had no pain. She was 100% pain free for the first time in years.

Mark, Lawyer

Categories: December Brazil 2017, Physical Tags: Gastritis, Stomach Pain


Woman Healed in the Village

We were in the village one day. It was a pleasure to help pray for a woman who’s head pain and arm pain was healed. I also prayed for a woman with stomach pain and through hand motion believed that she was healed but can’t be certain.

Cynthia, Executive Assistant

Categories: November Mozambique 2017, Physical Tags: Arm Pain, Head Pain, Stomach Pain


Severe Side Pain Gone

I prayed for a woman with severe pain on her side. During the interview, I learned the pain had been there since the birth of her children. She had two small children. I had the woman place her hand on her stomach area and I placed my hand over hers. While I prayed for her, she began to cry loudly and then her sobbing changed to laughter. She then had a look of surprise on her face and declared, “The pain is gone!” 

Linda, GSSM

Categories: Oct GSSM 2017 Brazil, Physical Tags: Severe Pain, Stomach Pain


Forgiveness Leads to Healing of Stomach & Headaches!

Elaine came up for prayer for her blood condition, headache, and stomach pain. The interpreter was unable to be clear about what the problem was with her blood so I prayed the blood of Jesus. 

Categories: Testimonies, Sept 2017 Brazil, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Blood Issues, Headaches, Stomach Pain


Young Woman Healed, Forgiveness Brings Further Restoration!

I prayed for a young woman the tonighr in Abuja who had stomach pains and pain from ovarian cysts. After I prayed for her, Jesus healed her and all pain left. 

Categories: Testimonies, Nigeria 2017, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Financial Need, Forgiveness, Ovarian Cysts, Restoration of Relationship, Stomach Pain

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