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Healing of Back Comes Slowly

At Kristian Kulture Center in Copenhagen on Saturday, Robbie Dawkins was teaching how to pray for the sick. When he finished speaking, he did an activation exercise and had called up people who had pain in their back. About ten, maybe more, people responded. Then he asked if there was a 12 or 13 year old in the audience. A young girl sitting in front of me raised her hand and went forward at Robbie’s request. As the young girl laid hands on them and repeated what Robbie said. When a person was healed 80 percent or more, that person went to another person on stage. The young girl and those that were healed repeated Robbie’s words as they laid hands on someone. This continued until most were healed. There was a woman wearing a T-shirt that said “free hugs”. She was about 40 percent healed (more to come).

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Forgiveness Leads to Healing of Stomach & Headaches!

Elaine came up for prayer for her blood condition, headache, and stomach pain. The interpreter was unable to be clear about what the problem was with her blood so I prayed the blood of Jesus. 

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Breaking Curse Loosens Knee, Swelling Leaves!

I prayed for Isaiah for a long time. He had a locked knee that would not bend or straighten. He told me that his preacher had told him a witch must have placed a curse on him which locked his knee. 

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Young Man Deeply Touched & Prophetically Affirmed

At the end of the evening, I noticed a young man sitting alone in one of the back rows watching many people getting touched by the Lord. I felt God “hugging” me to pray for him. I asked if I could pray for him. 

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Spiritual Interference Ends for Young Woman

I prayed for a woman who was responding to the word of knowledge I had given. She didn't have pain at the moment, but she said she felt as if God was telling her to come up. 

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