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Deliverance of Young Girl Brings Salvation

Three weeks ago on June 15, I woke up with a strong sense that a girl named Victoria who was 10-years old was being attacked by a spirit of assassination/murder. I prayed at the time, but had no clue if this was a real person or if this was just in my head. 

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Woman's Blind Eyes Opened!

Kevin was preaching and he said that everyone who was blind should stand. He told Global team members to pray over someone that needs healing. 

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Word of Knowledge during Street Ministry

One of the team had a word of knowledge about a guy in a blue hat and white shoes. When we went out for street ministry, we got a block from church and we spoke to a group of people to invite them to the service.  I got a word of knowledge about shoulder pain. The guy responded and said he had a pain from arm wrestling his brother. The pain went from his shoulder to his elbows. I prayed 3 times. The first time, pain went down half way. The second time to 80% and the third time healed. I then shared the gospel with him and told home to bring others to the service. He was really surprised that the pain had left. The guy was wearing a blue and white hat and had white dust on his shoes.

Daniel, Trainee (Pastor)

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Word of Knowledge for Right Knee Cap Healed

I had a word of knowledge for someone’s right knee cap during the service. A lady came up and needed healing for her right knee cap. I prayed once and nothing really happened. I prayed a second time and she felt heat and the Holy Spirit come upon her. She had felt 80% better and then came up at the very end and told me she was feeling completely better.

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Word of Knowledge Brings Healing to a Waiter

During our team’s free time, a handful of team members ate a meal at a nearby restaurant. Upon sitting down, Timothy received a word of knowledge with nerve pain in his neck, going into the left shoulder. Timothy asked his table and no one said it was for them. Then we asked the waiter, his English was not good. He said no and the waiter left, 30 seconds later, he returned to the table and said, “I now understand, yes, I have pain in my shoulder and it goes down my back.” We prayed. Pain went completely away, he had a huge smile and said, “thank you thank you.”

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