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Woman Healed from Severe Pains from IBS

A woman had suffered constant severe abdominal pains due to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I laid my hand on her stomach and prayed for healing of her IBS and commanded the pain to leave her. During the prayer, she told me she felt heat in her body. When I commanded the pain to leave, her body trembled so much that she seemed to almost fall, so I repeated the same command a few times. After the prayer, she told me the abdominal pain was completely gone!


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Healing of Abdominal Pain Happens Through Forgiveness

A woman came up to me with abdominal pain on the right side. It had just started that day. I prayed a couple of times with nothing happening. I thought to ask if she needed to forgive anyone. When the young translator discovered she needed to, he offered to lead her through a prayer of forgiveness instead of having her repeat after me. After he led her through that prayer, she reported that she was 100% pain free after forgiving!

Chaelee, Homemaker

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Five Women Healed, Tumors & Pain Disappear

Five ladies came for prayer. All five had pain after prayer all pain left & lumps disappeared. One lady also had pain in her abdomen.

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Abdominal Pain Healed, Generational Curse Broken & Father's Love Bestowed.

A young woman named Yonette asked for prayer for her hands that are starting to deform and for pain in her abdomen that travels into her back. As I was asking Holy Spirit to come and heal her hands, 

Categories: Testimonies, Guyana 2017, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Abdominal Pain, Breaking Generational Curses, Father's Love, Word of Knowledge


Abdomen Healed

Woman came with an eight level pain in her abdomen. When I prayed, the Holy Spirit came down and the pain disappeared immediately.

Categories: Testimonies, December Brazil 2016, Physical Tags: Abdominal Pain

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