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Leg Grows out Almost Two Inches!

A girl had been in an accident and had broken her femur. She had pain in her right knee and her leg was shorter as a result of the accident. I had her sit in a chair and saw that her right leg was almost two inches shorter. I commanded the right leg to grow. I watched it grow in my hand. She stood up completely healed and all the pain was gone. – Marisa

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Singapore - A Horrible Accident

I prayed for a couple who had been in a horrible accident in China while on a ministry trip. Both had been injured and many surgeries later they were still suffering enormously from pain and trauma. The wife was in a wheel chair after breaking both femur bones, all ribs, her wrist, her jawbone, the bone above her eye and other areas. The husband had a torn off shoulder, broken ribs and facial bones, torn sciatica, an injured back and an injured ankle. While praying for them, I broke off trauma and the memories of the accident impact. I blessed all their wounds and commanded healing into every area.

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