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Burdens Released and Breathing Made Normal

A lady reported having issues of anxiety, fear, depression, panic and sleeplessness. I had her renounce any agreements made with the spirit of fear and associated spirits. I broke off the spirit of infirmity and released peace over her. She reported she felt better and could breathe better (60% improvement).

Categories: December Brazil 2017 Tags: Anxiety, Breathing Issues, Depression, Emotional Healing, Panic


Sovereign Healing of Right Ear. Woman with Anxiety Healed

I gave a word of knowledge about pain or discomfort in the right ear. Jonathan was healed when the word was given. He came up and told me he was a hundred percent pain free. We praised the Lord together.

Categories: Testimonies, YPI 2017 Brazil Tags: Anxiety, Right Ear Pain, Word of Knowledge


Anxiety over Future Marriage Assuaged

Megan and I prayed for woman scheduled to be married in two months who was having a lot of anxiety and depression over two previous boy friends who had abused her. We led her in prayers of forgiveness and prayed against depression and anxiety. The Lord gave us several scriptures for her and her fiancé. She cried during the prayer, but her face was filled with joy when she left. – Jon

Categories: Testimonies, UK Denmark 2017 Tags: Anxiety, Depression, Forgiveness


Anxiety Flees & Peace Is Restored!

A young lady suffering from anxiety came for prayer. She could not understand why she felt this way. It was affecting her stomach and back. 

Categories: Testimonies, October 2015 GSSM Brazil Tags: Anxiety


"Love Is the Cure"

One woman wanted prayer for her neck, which had a substantial amount of tightness and some swelling. As soon as I touched her neck, the Lord told me that it wasn’t an affliction but worry and anxiety. 

Categories: Testimonies, October 2015 GSSM Brazil Tags: Anxiety, Homosexual Daughter, Neck Pain, Worry

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