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Woman's Vision Clears & Blessing Follows

This was probably the most incredible healing that I witnessed during our YPI trip. It was one of the first nights we were with Global (forget which night, I am writing my testimonies post-trip), and we were in healing prayer.


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God Gradually Heals Man’s Sight for His Glory

I saw a blind man from the stage that the Lord was ministering to. He had a walking stick and was clearly blind. Randy was explaining that just watching the testimonies of the healing of others can cause healing in us if we just attempt to see we are healed by Christ. You could tell this man's faith in what Randy was saying, because he was standing and his eyes were fluttering. It almost seemed as if we were going to watch the Lord heal the man without anyone praying for him.

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Woman Blind for Eight Years Receives 85% Healing!

A 90-year-old woman, Cecelia, had partially blind for eight years. She couldn’t see me standing two feet away. After about five minutes of prayer, she had received about 85% healing. – Levi, Barista

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Man Blind in Both Eyes & Deaf in One Ear Totally Healed!

I prayed for a man at the evening meeting who was blind in both eyes and deaf in one ear. His sight had been getting gradually worse over the last year or two until he could barely see. I tested his eyesight by holding up fingers. He could not see.

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Mobility Restored to Legs Two Years After Meningitis Had Struck!

Sandra was led to me during prayer ministry. She had been blind since she contracted Meningitis two years ago. I prayed with Sandra for the whole ministry time that evening.

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