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Blind Man’s Sight Restored

We were at the bush bush evening prayer. It was an amazing experience. I was blessed to be right in the middle of the line and was a part of a blind man’s sight being completely healed.

Cynthia, Executive Assistant

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Blind Eyes Opened!

I wanted to see blind eyes open. On the Bush-Bush outreach, we were going house to house praying. I was knelt down on the ground praying for a sick baby with others. When I stood up I saw another group praying. I was led to go over to go to that group. 

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Blind Eyes Dramatically Opened

I had an older lady come up to me with her family. She was blind. So I laid hands on her and asked Jesus to heal her. Nothing happened. I then went out on a limb and reached up to heaven and pulled two eyes down and threw them into her eyes. The power of God hit her head and He healed her. She could see her family. – Unknown

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A Woman, 90% Blind, Has Eyesight Restored!

At Four Square Church, Cruzes, San Paulo, a lady in her fifties came to me for prayer (I believe she was accompanied). Through an interpreter I ascertained she was 90% blind in both eyes and saw very dimly with little light. She asked for her eyes to be healed. I asked her how long she had been blind and she explained her eyesight had been deteriorating over time. 

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