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Word of Knowledge for Carlos Part 1

Earlier in the week I had received the name “Carlos” when I had prayed for a word of knowledge.  I asked the Lord if there was more but didn’t receive anything more.  That night we were at a church of about 75 people and I gave the word but no one stood up.  I was discouraged but then thought maybe it was for a Carlos somewhere else.  Sunday night at CCF church I gave out the word of knowledge of “Carlos”.  When we did ministry time two Carlos’s came to me because of the word of knowledge.  This is the testimony regarding the first Carlos.

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Blurred Vision 100% Restored

For two years, Sarah had blurred vision, which caused seeing to be a challenge for her. Sarah told me that she had received prayer in the past and experienced some healing, but she wanted to be 100% healed. At this point, she was 50% better before prayer. Using a commanding prayer, Sarah’s eyesight progressed from 80% to 90% and then to 95%.

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Burning and Blurred Vision Healed After Years

A tall young man came forward with an interpreter wanting prayer for his eye condition. His eyes had been blurring and burning every day since he was 10 years old.  I prayed for him to be free from his affliction. The Holy Spirit asked me to have him blink for a while. Then the skin near his eyes felt hot. I asked how he felt and he was smiling and he said it was gone! The burning and blurring was gone after all those years!


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Blurred Vision Corrected.


A woman with blurred sight on both eyes for about six months came for prayer. I put my hand on her eyes and prayed for them. She felt it got better. 


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Blurred Vision Restored!

A man, who had cataracts in both eyes, came up to my translator and me. His vision was blurry when reading far away. If he only used his left eye, he could not see anything far away. We prayed once and nothing happened.

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