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Blurry Vision Healed


Anfu came for prayer because the sight of his left eye was totally blurred. The apple of his eye had a wrong shape. I prayed for quite a long time. Quickly he felt heat under my hand which I held over his eye. When I asked him from time to time, he responded that the heat kept increasing, and when he checked his sight it became less blurred each time.


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Blurry Vision Healed!

A woman came up to me with an interpreter. She had trouble focusing the muscles in her eyes. While the words of knowledge were being given, her sight became blurry. When I said my word of knowledge was that there was a problem with the eyes, she was instantaneously healed. – Katrina, student

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Team Member's Contact Problems Really Word of Knowledge

I wore my contacts the entire day and so by the evening service my contacts were bothering me. Typically I don't like wearing my contacts all day because my eyes get dry and irritated. So I started putting drops in my eyes to bring relief.

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Blurry Vision & Back Pain Healed

A young man came for prayer. He said that he had had a blurry vision in both of his eyes for a long time. He did not remember that anything special would have happened when the symptoms had begun. When he tried to read a text far away, he was not able to do it without glasses. 

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Blurry Vision & Multiple Other Ailments Healed!

My first trip with Global Awakening has rocked me hard. My testimonies the first two days didn't seem to be as dramatic as everyone else's. I was feeling a little left out, a little like I didn't have the anointing or the authority. I kept pressing in to see more of God show up through me.

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