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Cerebral Palsy & Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Gone

I prayed for a woman who walked with a cane and she had rheumatoid arthritis. As I prayed for her, the pain left her body from head to toe in a wave. Then, I prayed for her son who was in a wheelchair and had cerebral palsy. His joints started to pop under my hand and the pain left his body as well.

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Wheelchair-Bound Young Man Healed

While we were still in Lagos, one of the pastors came to me and asked me to pray for a young boy who was in a wheel chair. I believe he had cerebral palsy. 

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Cerebral Palsy Healed!

A woman with cerebral palsy came for prayer. After prayer she felt her kneecaps and feet move into place. She began running with a slightly awkward gait. Then she went quickly down a flight of stairs, so quickly I thought she would fall over. She wanted to give her testimony to the pastor at The Vine Church.

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Brazil - Man with Cerebral Palsy Regains Mobility

We prayed for Carlos Fri/Sat night. He could not raise his legs or move them. Both hands balled/curled up. After praying the first night the right hand had stretched out. He had not strength in arms but got strength in left arm and right. He was able to stretch out his right leg and partially left.

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