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Early Morning Miracles

In the morning while our team was on outreach in the bush, I was sitting in front of the house reading my Bible when I saw a woman complain about her shoulder being in pain. I asked if she wanted prayer, and then a friend and I prayed for her shoulder. After asking her to test it out, she told me it felt completely better. Another woman was watching us and also asked for prayer for malaria. She said she felt better after we prayed (my translator and I). Then another woman asked for prayer because she had pain in her chest. We prayed a couple times because the first time we prayed, the pain left her chest and went into her back. We commanded the demons to leave and she felt better. Then, because I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me, I asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus as her savior.

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Heart Healed

I prayed for a guy named Carlos; he spoke English. He had become ill from work because he was working with chemicals in America. He was in such a bad way he had to come back to Brazil. His doctor said only 30% of his heart was working and this had caused him to have thrombosis in his left leg. He said to me I believe if I came here my Jesus would heal me.

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Throat & Chest Pain Healed in the Name of Jesus!

A woman with a pain in her throat and chest came forward for prayer. She had this condition for two months. We ask the Lord to remove anything which was blocking her from receiving her healing. The throat pain went away and she was 90% better. I prayed for the chest to be filled with the breath of God. I commanded the chest pain to go in the name of Jesus, and she immediately was healed.

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Chest Pain, Fear Replace by Joy & Peace!

This was a very interesting case. During worship a young woman asked to have prayer. She said that she had had a strong pain in her chest for several months. She was very worried that it might be something more serious. 

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A Smile & A Hug Opens Door to Healing!

When we first arrived at the venue, I saw a woman in a pink shirt sitting alone on the side. As I walked bym, I smiled at her and watched her face change from a frown and a sad look to a big smile. After I put my stuff down, I walked over, gave her a big hug and returned to my seat.

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