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Hope Restored

A university age girl with sore throat and could not swallow without pain. The pain was an 8 out of 10. After prayer, she was totally healed - no more pain.A lady in her 40's had stomach pain for half a day was totally healed - no more pain. I also prayed for her digestion and constipation issues she had for 12 years. She started shaking and fell down.

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Multiple Diagnoses Healed!

An old man in his 80's came to me. His daughter said he was 90% deaf in both ears, had chest pain (enlarged heart, high blood pressure), back pain, and enlarged prostate. I prayed for his heart and he felt something. 

Categories: Testimonies, Hong Kong, China & Philippines 2014 Tags: Back Pain, Chest Pain, Constipation, Deaf Ear(s), Enlarged Heart, Enlarged Prostate, High Blood Pressure


South Korea - A Woman with everything wrong.

I prayed for a woman with everything—depression, fatigue, breast cancer, stomach issues, constipation,
pressure behind the eyes. She is going to verify healing for the breast cancer, but she and I felt the
lump disappear and believe she is healed. I imparted the healing I received by way of testimony of my
healing of breast cancer, and she experienced trembling and a cool wind feeling all over. She started
laughing and clapping before I got the whole story. She was chattering away with her friends and later
one reported to me that she has never, in over 10 years of friendship, seen her friend laugh and express
much emotion. She kept them up in their room laughing. She said she had total shalom, that all her
needs were healed. Thank you, YehSoo!

Categories: Testimonies, South Korea March 2011 Tags: Breast Cancer, Constipation, Depression, fatigue, Pressure behind eyes, Stomach Issues