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Young Man Healed of Injuries From Accident Four Months Ago

Holy Spirit led me to a young man probably in his 20’s who had been using crutches and was sitting in a chair. He spoke some English but pointed to his left knee, his tibia/fibula area and his ankle. Through gestures I found out he had been in a motorcycle accident four months ago. He broke his ankle and had pins and two screws. 

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After Many Years Woman Walks Without Crutches

This night I was preaching on the message “4 Kinds of Faith” and towards the end of the night a woman that was standing in the back of the church came running to the front holding her crutches up. 

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Kathmandu/Nepal 9month of crutches

A woman could not walk without crutches for 9 months, and now she can. The healing is not complete, but is a significant improvement. Thank You, Jesus!

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Brazil - Man on Crutches Walks

I prayed for Rodrigo who was on crutches because of surgery on his knee. He had been in a motorcycle accident. He felt he wanted to walk without his crutches. Heat was flowing from my hands. He was able to take a number of steps, and the swelling went down.

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