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Deaf Left Ear Opened, Woman Opens Heart to Jesus!

At the Igreja Da Cidade church, I prayed for a lady who was deaf in her left ear. She hasn't been able to hear for about two years. 

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Hearing Loss and Heel Spurs Healed

During the morning service, a woman about 45 years old asked for prayer for her left ear (she could not hear) and her heel spurs with great pain.

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Leg Grows Out

An 11 year old girl, who was brought to the service by her aunt and she lives with her grandmother. She is deaf in her left ear, had very poor eyesight (she had to be about 2 feet from the TV to watch) and her right foot was 2cm shorter than her left. All due to a virus while she was in her mother’s womb. 

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Deaf in Left Ear Since Birth, Young Man Hears!

We prayed for a young man who was deaf in his left ear. As we prayed and re-interviewed, we used a 10-point scale to assess what he was experiencing (1 being no hearing; 10, clear hearing).

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