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Deaf Since Birth, Hearing Restored!

An interpreter came up to me asked me if I could pray for someone and I agreed. It was someone who was born deaf and his right ear could hear very little but it was still considered deaf. 

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Girl Deaf in Right Ear Since Birth Hears a Whisper!

Tonight a girl came to me requesting prayer for her right ear. She said she had been deaf since birth, but when the word of knowledge was given for right ear she could feel a sensation in her ear. After a couple minutes of prayer she said it was about 10%. After another couple minutes we snapped our fingers by her ear and her eyes lit up.

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Deaf in Right Ear Since Birth, Woman Is Healed & Hears!

Tonight in Bristol, England we had just finished calling out Words of Knowledge and people were coming up for prayer after the service. A young woman came up in my line to ask for prayer. After some general small talk and loving on her a bit, I asked what she needed prayer for. She shared with me she had been deaf in her right ear all her life.

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Deaf & Mute From Birth, 59-year-old Woman Hears & Begins to Speak!

After praying for two people, I went looking for more persons with my Interpreter. A young man in his early 20’s and an older lady came up to us and said that the lady was deaf in both ears from birth and could not speak.

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