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Deliverance of Young Girl Brings Salvation

Three weeks ago on June 15, I woke up with a strong sense that a girl named Victoria who was 10-years old was being attacked by a spirit of assassination/murder. I prayed at the time, but had no clue if this was a real person or if this was just in my head. 

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Early Morning Miracles

In the morning while our team was on outreach in the bush, I was sitting in front of the house reading my Bible when I saw a woman complain about her shoulder being in pain. I asked if she wanted prayer, and then a friend and I prayed for her shoulder. After asking her to test it out, she told me it felt completely better. Another woman was watching us and also asked for prayer for malaria. She said she felt better after we prayed (my translator and I). Then another woman asked for prayer because she had pain in her chest. We prayed a couple times because the first time we prayed, the pain left her chest and went into her back. We commanded the demons to leave and she felt better. Then, because I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me, I asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus as her savior.

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Inner Freedom and Healing of the Body

A women came forward and asked for prayer for her left breast that had been in constant pain for 4 years.  She was too afraid to go to the doctor.  I asked her if she struggled with fear in other parts of her life.  She said yes.  I said we need to take care of that spirit of fear first before the healing.  I asked her if she had any unforgiveness in her heart  toward anyone.  She said yes, her Papa who left her at a young age.  I told her it was important for her healing and deliverance to forgive as an act of her will. I also asked her if she had any curses placed on her.  She said yes.

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Young Woman Set Free From Demonic Curse

A woman in her 20’s had received a curse from her father who was a witch.  Her mother had died from the same curse and just before she died, she had terrible pain in the base of her skull, just like this girl had recently been experiencing.  She also had pain in her head, her neck, chest, and arms and legs.  Demons had visited her in the night and she had started talking to them before she knew better. She knew she was demonized and was seeking help.

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Deliverance and Healing Come for Woman with Severe Acid Relux

A woman named Nemo had severe acid reflux and was in pain. When we prayed in the Holy Spirit I asked him to completely fill her body and for Jesus to come bring peace. I asked if there had been witchcraft in her family and she said yes. She asked for forgiveness and repented from her sin. The stomach pain left, but then returned and was causing pain. We continued to ask God to fill her and for Jesus to heal her stomach and esophagus. Things would get better then back to pain. Father showed us there was a spirit that was in her abdomen. We commanded the spirit to come out and pain to be removed. It took some time, but she was healed and delivered. We asked God to give her a peaceful sleep.

– Jed 

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