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Deliverance and Healing Come for Woman with Severe Acid Relux

A woman named Nemo had severe acid reflux and was in pain. When we prayed in the Holy Spirit I asked him to completely fill her body and for Jesus to come bring peace. I asked if there had been witchcraft in her family and she said yes. She asked for forgiveness and repented from her sin. The stomach pain left, but then returned and was causing pain. We continued to ask God to fill her and for Jesus to heal her stomach and esophagus. Things would get better then back to pain. Father showed us there was a spirit that was in her abdomen. We commanded the spirit to come out and pain to be removed. It took some time, but she was healed and delivered. We asked God to give her a peaceful sleep.

– Jed 

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Young Man Set Free through Deliverance

In Copenhagen I prayed for Jonathan, a young guy who wanted prayer for mental health issues. He had recently been hospitalized and was released after four months. He was concerned that he was plagued by demons. 

Categories: Testimonies, UK Denmark 2017, Emotional, Spiritual Tags: Deliverance, Mental Illness, Re-dedication, Word of Knowledge


Deliverance Brings Freedom for Woman

A woman by the name of Sue asked for prayer for deliverance. Demons have been harassing her even during her prayer time every day. I cast out the spirit of witchcraft and she manifested by spitting, gagging, etc. The witchcraft was gone. She sat up and was free. – Ginny

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Words of Knowledge "PTSD" & "Jennifer" Leads to Deliverance

I got a few words of knowledge in the day before the healing service. I heard "a couple with two kids, one is in the hospital," "PTSD", "Jennifer", "Derek" and "ear drum." I felt God saying my strongest word was "PTSD" and "Jennifer" so I spoke that at the service. No one came to my line to say they were the person.

Categories: Testimonies, UK Denmark 2017, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Deliverance, PTSD, Tinnitus, Word of Knowledge


Finally Free!

A woman said she had been through deliverance, but demons were still bothering her. With her permission, I anointed her with oil. We prayed for a few minutes, demanding that the demons leave. I asked her then, how she felt. She said she felt better but I felt the need to pray again. We demanded the demons to leave in Jesus name. She went down under the power of the Holy Spirit. I was able to catch her without any issue. - Unknown

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