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Interpreter's Double Vision Healed!

My interpreter, Camilia, had stood during the giving of words of knowledge. After she had assisted me with praying for healing for others, another interpreter came over to ask if she needed prayer for anything. 

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Double Vision Goes after Forgiveness & Prayer

I prayed with Mary who was around 45 years old. She described a car accident in 1990 which had left her with an annoying sensation in the top of her head and double vision. She said that I had two noses and four eyes. 

Categories: Testimonies, UK Denmark 2017, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Annoying Sensation on Top ofHead, Car Accident, Double Vision


Brazil - Double Vision and Pain in Eye Relieved

I had a word of knowledge for eye pain/pressure behind the left eye. As a result I prayed for a young man who complained of constant low level pain and pressure and skewed-double vision in both eyes. I commanded the pain to leave, eye parts to come into alignment and full restoration of vision. Then I interviewed him and the pain was 100% gone with his vision 50% better. I repeated the same prayer commands which resulted in 100% restoration of vision. He discarded his thick glasses for remainder of night and did not have the glasses for remaining two days of conference.

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Brazil - 11 Year Old Restored after Motorcycle Accident

Mary Ann, an 11 year old, was hit by a motorcycle 2 months ago. She had an injury to her head, her arm was in a cast and her ankle was wrapped. She basically had no ankle left because of the accident. She came in a wheel chair. She had a pin in her head, arm and ankle. She had double vision and was becoming quite forgetful. Her father was blaming her mother for allowing Mary Ann to be hit by the motorcyclist. He was planning to divorce Mary Ann's mother.

Categories: Testimonies, Brazil - October 2012, Physical Tags: Ankle Pain, Arm Pain, Double Vision, Head Pain, Metal, Wheelchair