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Taiwan - Woman with Eating Disorder Receives Freedom

When Heidi called people up to pray for salvation, I kept seeing one young girl that no one had prayed for.  She stood motionless with her eyes closed, and periodically she would let out a piercing scream (I'm sure you guys heard it!).  To me it was obvious that she was demonized.  I was finally able to get to her, and took her hands.  She opened her eyes, but it really did not seem like she could see me.  She screamed in my face, and closed her eyes again. 

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YPI - Word of Knowledge for Eating Disorder

While worshipping in the morning, God had given me a word of knowledge. I saw a piece of pork, a strip of bacon, a hot dog, and a leg of chicken. I knew this was God because of the consistency and correspondence of all things I saw, but then, I saw a scale (that you weigh yourself on). I knew it was either for an eating disorder or a weight problem, but I didn't know for whom or for when it was.  ~Amanda

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