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Multiple Diagnoses Healed!

An old man in his 80's came to me. His daughter said he was 90% deaf in both ears, had chest pain (enlarged heart, high blood pressure), back pain, and enlarged prostate. I prayed for his heart and he felt something. 

Categories: Testimonies, Hong Kong, China & Philippines 2014 Tags: Back Pain, Chest Pain, Constipation, Deaf Ear(s), Enlarged Heart, Enlarged Prostate, High Blood Pressure


South Korea - Lower Abdominal Pain

I had a word of knowledge for lower abdominal pain, specifically urinary tract infections. Four people came to me in response to this word—three men and one woman. Two of the men suffered from an enlarged prostate. As I prayed for them, all four people felt the heat of the Holy Spirit, and one by one fell down under the power of God. For those that felt pain—the woman and one man, the pain left completely.

Categories: Testimonies, South Korea March 2011 Tags: Abdominal Pain, Enlarged Prostate, Urinary Tract Infection, Word of Knowledge