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Pain in Left Eye and Blocked Nasal Passage Healed

Carol had sand in her left eye for 10 years and also through her nasal passage. She had a blockage. She has been in pain for 10 years. I prayed for healing for about 15 minutes. I kept repeating “mais senor and mais amor”. 

Categories: December Brazil 2017, Physical Tags: Eye Pain, Nasal Issues


Left Eye Pain, Blocked Sinuses & Tear Ducts Healed

I prayed for a woman with left eye pain. She had had this condition for several months and was going to need an operation to unblock her sinuses. We prayed for emotional healing following the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

Categories: Testimonies, UK Denmark 2017, Emotional, Physical Tags: Eye Pain, Sinus Issues


Eye Pain & Black Spots Go!

During Rodney's talk my eyes went cross-eyed and then I could not see for a moment. I knew I had a word of knowledge. When I gave it, two Brazilians stood up. One was a lady who came forward for prayer. 

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2014, Physical Tags: Black Spots in Vision, Eye Pain, Word of Knowledge


September Brazil 2013 - Sight Restored 2 Years after Accident

A 24 year-old man came for prayer for pain and decreased vision in the left eye. Two years ago he had been in a head-on collision in which his face hit the windshield. Prior to prayer, he could read the top line of my name tag from four feet away with his left eye. We prayed commanding prayers but saw no improvement.

Categories: Testimonies, Brazil - September 2013, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Eye Pain, Forgiveness Issues, Vision problems


September Brazil 2013 - Grandmother & Granddaughter Healed

An older woman with multiple health issues (slow heart rate, difficulty breathing, glaucoma, pain in eyes along with burning and dryness, stomach pain for 12 years, gout in her right leg with pain going up to the knee) came for prayer. 

Categories: Testimonies, Brazil - September 2013, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Difficult Breathing, Dry Eye, Eye Pain, Fear, Glaucoma, Gout, Limited Vision, Slow Heart Rate, Stomach Pain

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