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Two Men Healed. One Regains Memory & Mobility. Other Eyesight Restored!

It was a small church. The daughter of a very elderly man (over 85) asked me to pray for his confusion and his mobility. We went to where he was seated and I asked her to lay hands on him as we both prayed. 

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2017, Physical Tags: Eyesight Issues, Loss of mobility, Memory Issues


Eyesight Problem Healed

Randy Clark Conference: A young woman came up with depression, a distance eyesight problem, and pain. Part of her depression/sadness was due to the eyesight issue.

Categories: Testimonies, Colombia 2017, Physical Tags: depression, Eyesight Issues


Pain in Knees Goes and Sight Restored!

A lady came up wanting prayer for pain in her knees, acid reflux, diabetes, and cataracts in both eyes. The pain in her knees was at an eight. We prayed and the pain went down to a seven. We prayed again and the pain was completely gone in the right knee and had gone down significantly in her left knee.

Categories: Testimonies, YPI 2016 Brazil, Physical Tags: Eyesight Issues, Knee pain


Woman's Expectancy For Healing of Eyes Brings Results

A woman with glasses came to ask for healing to both of her eyes. She needed glasses for both reading and seeing things far away. She had had glasses for several years, and now she had expectancy to get healed. 

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2015, Physical Tags: Eyesight Issues


Compassion of Christ Prompts Healing of Child's Throat, Eyes & Ear

After intercessory prayer during the service, we were called down to pray with others. A mother brought her daughter who looked to be about 10 years old. The mother asked me to pray for the girl's throat and her vision.

Categories: Testimonies, Columbia 2014, Physical Tags: Eyesight Issues, Hearing Loss, Throat Pain

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