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Inner Freedom and Healing of the Body

A women came forward and asked for prayer for her left breast that had been in constant pain for 4 years.  She was too afraid to go to the doctor.  I asked her if she struggled with fear in other parts of her life.  She said yes.  I said we need to take care of that spirit of fear first before the healing.  I asked her if she had any unforgiveness in her heart  toward anyone.  She said yes, her Papa who left her at a young age.  I told her it was important for her healing and deliverance to forgive as an act of her will. I also asked her if she had any curses placed on her.  She said yes.

Categories: Colombia 2018 Tags: Breast Pain, Constant Pain, Deliverance, Fear, Forgiveness


Three Women Experience Inner Healing

A young woman asked prayer for fear of having a relationship after breaking up with someone a while ago. She did repeat after me prayers repenting of any way she had partnered with fear. 

Categories: Testimonies, YPI 2017 Brazil Tags: Depression, Fear, Inner Healing


Deliverance Brings Freedom From Fear & Anxiety!

I prayed for a woman who suffered with fear and anxiety after nearly dying during surgery. As I prayed she noticed a sense of something rising up her throat.

Categories: Testimonies, October 2015 GSSM Brazil Tags: Anxiety, Deliverance, Fear


Surgery Began a Work, Jesus Completed the Healing!

I had a young girl about 12 come up for prayer. I had seen her earlier. She had a bandage across her nose. She had had extensive surgery on her nasal passages and sinuses. At this point I needed a translator so I asked Stephanie Popp to translate. The girl’s pain was at an eight and she could not breathe through her nose. She was very scared. 

Categories: Testimonies, Germany 2015 Tags: Difficulty Breathing Through Nose, Fear, Nasal & Sinus Issues


Deliverance Brings Confidence in Knowing Identity

During ministry time Wednesday in the morning, one of the translators, Maria, ask me to go into the room in the back to do deliverance. When I got there I sat down next to the girl who wanted deliverance and asked her what was going on.

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2015 Tags: Deliverance, Depression, Fear, Occult, Self-pity, Suicidal Thoughts, Witchcraft

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