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Pain Leaves Through A Word of Knowledge

I gave a word of knowledge for pain in the hand particularly the first four fingers and the right arm. Then I saw the Holy Spirit light up the bones and nerves with an orange lit outline. I gave the word and one man raised his hand. We prayed for the pain to go away in the man’s hand and it went away. I could see his hand and wrist was dislocated from his arm. I prayed that God would reconnect his bones so that the hand aligns with the arm.

Alice, Fashion Designer

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Taiwan - Middle Finger Receives full Mobility

We prayed with a lady who had been in an accident 18 months ago. She had largely recovered but had been left with a pain in her right shoulder and a weakness in the middle finger of her left hand. This finger didn't move in coordination with the rest of her hand. It would be left clenching when she opened the rest of her hand up or left sticking up when she closed the rest of the hand. When this happened, she would have to adjust it with her other hand. 

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Brazil - Index Finger Malady Assuaged

I prayed for around man about 17 years old for his left index finger that was in pain. I grabbed it and started dancing up and down with him. He started laughing and I commanded the pain to go. The pain left. Then I hugged him and he started shaking under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. ~Tom

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Brazil - Injury in Fingers Assuaged

At night a man with pain in his right hand; his fingers were stiff. I prayed for him and he was instantly healed. Praise Jesus! ~Jerri

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