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YPI - Healed of Pain from Car Accident

"Tonight I prayed for a woman who had been hit by a car. The woman was experiencing extreme pain in her feet and she couldn’t walk without pain. I prayed for her once and she got a 50% healing. I prayed for her four more times and she got a full healing."


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Brazil - 12 year old Boy Healed

I prayed for a young boy about 12 years old. He said he had pain in both feet. I prayed for the pain to go in Jesus’ name. He said it was about 80% better. I prayed again and it was 90% better. I prayed again and it was 100% better. When I looked at his face, I could sense a feeling of sadness. A woman in front of him was filled with joy and laughter. I asked him if he would like some of that and he said yes. So I prayed for the joy of the Lord to come upon him. What a privilege to watch the Holy Spirit come upon him and change him on the inside and out. He began to smile and then giggle and eventually he just laid down and laughed and laughed. Our God was healing his heart and he was blessed. But not as much as I was blessed watching God do what only He can do.

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Singapore - Feet Pain and Salvation

A couple both had pain in their feet, and the husband also had pain in his left hand. After prayer, the pain left completely and mobility returned. After the healing, both received Jesus. The husband said, “We have to, He just healed us.”

Categories: Testimonies, Singapore Feb-March 2011, Physical Tags: Foot Pain, Salvation

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