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Brazil - Foot and Back Pain Healed

"I gave a word of knowledge about a long wound/scar on the inside of the foot. A lady responded and showed me where she previously had an operation on her foot. She suffered with pain in her foot and also had pain in her back where she had lost some of her balance because of the foot. I laid hands on her foot and commanded the paint to leave, then spoke wholeness to the foot and commanded cartilage to grow. She felt fire/heat in her foot. I asked her to move it. The pain had gone. I then prayed for her back and the pain moved down her leg. I then commanded spirits of infirmity and afflicting spirits to go in Jesus name. All pain left, I then got her to ask God to fill her with the Holy Spirit. She got blasted! Glory to God!"


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Brazil - Neck, Lung, and Foot Pain Healed

"Rachel had pain in her left side and in her back. After prayer, the pain left completely. A man had pain in his right lung. The pain left completely after some prayer. Louisa had pain in her left side. 90% healed. Prayed some more and she was filled with the Holy Spirit and fell down on the floor. Louis had pain in his right foot. The pain left 100% after prayer."


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Nepal/India 2011: Child Right Crippled Foot

Child with right crippled foot healed: I had a word of knowledge which I released. I saw a child’s right foot. (I groaned, “Why, Lord, why can’t it be something simple like sinus or migraine?”) At invitation for prayers I saw an old lady bringing forward a child of about five to six years old in red and white stripe top – coming down the aisle. The child was dragging her right foot. At first I turned away because I thought it was too hard!! Then in obedience, I made a bee line for them. I got the child to sit on the stage, straighten both legs and prayed for alignment, both legs to be of same length, restoration and healing. Thru an interpreter I was then told that she was born with the right leg shorter than the left. Got her to walk up and down the length of the stage with me, we marched and lifted up our knees. Her
walk became better and better. Soon she was running and going round and round playing with me! She was laughing and said gleefully that her legs are healing. Her grandma and aunt said that she is healed! Glory to God! Got them to testify on Global Awakening’s video interpreted by Sandy.

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YPI - Healed of Pain from Car Accident

"Tonight I prayed for a woman who had been hit by a car. The woman was experiencing extreme pain in her feet and she couldn’t walk without pain. I prayed for her once and she got a 50% healing. I prayed for her four more times and she got a full healing."


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Brazil - 12 year old Boy Healed

I prayed for a young boy about 12 years old. He said he had pain in both feet. I prayed for the pain to go in Jesus’ name. He said it was about 80% better. I prayed again and it was 90% better. I prayed again and it was 100% better. When I looked at his face, I could sense a feeling of sadness. A woman in front of him was filled with joy and laughter. I asked him if he would like some of that and he said yes. So I prayed for the joy of the Lord to come upon him. What a privilege to watch the Holy Spirit come upon him and change him on the inside and out. He began to smile and then giggle and eventually he just laid down and laughed and laughed. Our God was healing his heart and he was blessed. But not as much as I was blessed watching God do what only He can do.

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