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Two Men Have Injuries to Left Foot & Ankle Healed

My word of knowledge this evening was pain in the left ankle and foot. Two young men came for prayer. First, George, 26, had injured his ankle two months earlier, playing soccer. I had him sit and remove his shoe. I placed my hand on his ankle and foot and commanded the pain to leave in Jesus’ name. George said it improved by 50 % when he tested the ankle. I had him sit again and prayed a second time, placing my hand on the ankle and foot. I prayed that all inflammation and pain leave, returning his ankle and foot to normal function in Jesus’ name. George got up all smiles and tested the ankle by walking around. He said it was totally healed and we praised Jesus!

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Woman with Severe Hip & Foot Pain Healed

While the smaller team was giving words of knowledge from the stage, one word was given about pain in the lower right side. I noticed a woman walking past me, probably coming from the restroom. She held her hand on her lower right side and seemed to be in pain. She sat down and did not go to the front, so I went to her and, with the help of an interpreter, asked her if she had pain in the lower right side. She answered yes. I encouraged her to go to the front in response to the word of knowledge, which she did.

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Father God's Love Revealed & Healing Follows

A lady asked for prayer for her feet and back. She had on a beautiful colorful garment. I saw it like the beautiful robe of many colors Joseph’s father had made for him. When I told her that, she said, “Don’t say that. I don’t want to cry again”. 

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Bunion & Hammer Toe Healed

I prayed for a woman with foot pain. Although she believed it was from wearing shoes that were too tight, I knew she had a bunion that had also caused her to have hammer toe and a callous on another toe. 

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Injury to Foot Healed

I had a man who came in with a tendon or ligament injury in his foot. I prayed for him one or two times commanding healing into the foot and ankle. He checked it out, was healed and started running around and exclaimed “I am going to play football (soccer)!” – Richard

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