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Foot Pain for Eight Years Gone!

A lady walked up with foot pain for eight years, I prayed and the pain lowered. I prayed again and God crushed the pain and manifested His fire in her feet. – Makoa, Student

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Sense of Smell Restored, Sciatica Healed!

A woman named Victoria came for prayer. She had lost her sense of smell about four years ago from pesticides in her yard. She also had pain from her hip all down her leg to her little toe on the left side.

Categories: Testimonies, Nigeria 2016 Tags: Foot Pain, Hip Pain, Leg Pain, Loss of sense of smell, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Toe Pain


Woman Healed over Two Day Period of Foot Pain

A woman had come for prayer the day before. She had told that she had had a strong pain in the side of her foot for a long time. She did not remember for how long she had had the pain. 

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2016 Tags: Foot Pain


A Lifetime of Foot Pain Healed After One Prayer!

A young woman asked prayer for pain in her feet. The bones in her foot had not developed properly and she had dealt with pain all her life. Every step she took produced pain.

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2016 Tags: Foot Pain


Spinal Misalignment, Pain in Back & Legs Healed After Two Prayers

A man in his 40’s with spinal misalignment for more than 10 years with his right shoulder much higher than the other when standing. He was experiencing excruciating pain (pain level 8-9) in the back and legs and also pain in the left foot. I prayed once and his posture changed and his pain level went to a 1. I prayed again and his posture straightened. He was completely healed with no pain. I prayed and blessed him and he got blasted. – Grace

Categories: Testimonies, December Brazil 2015 Tags: Back Pain, Foot Pain, Leg Pain, One Shoulder Higher

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