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Back & Foot Pain Go in Jesus' Name!

One of the translators asked to have prayer for pain in his lower back and the side of his right foot. The pain had been there for three years and had started after he had played soccerl. 

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2015, Physical Tags: Back Pain, Foot Pain


Long Term Pain in Knees & Feet Departs!

This morning a middle aged Brazilian woman who had pain  for 10 years in her knees and both feet came for prayer. I did not have an interpreter. However, she spoke Spanish, so I interviewed her in Spanish and prayed for her in Spanish and Portuguese (using the key from my name tag). Her pain level began at an 8. I prayed and the pain went to a 4. I prayed again and it went to zero. She was so excited and gave me a big hug as tears streamed down her face. For the first time in 10 years she was pain free. It was beautiful. Glory to God!

Categories: Testimonies, December 2014 Brazil, Physical Tags: Foot Pain, Knee pain


Pain in Feet Healed

A young woman came forward for prayer indicating that she had pain in the bottom of her feet. I asked if there was anything traumatic that had happened or any broken relationships that needed to be restored.

Categories: Testimonies, Columbia 2014, Physical Tags: Foot Pain


Total Healing of Leg, Knee & Foot Pain!

We met an old man on the street who had pain in his right leg (thigh), right knee and foot. The worst was the knee where he had damaged the meniscus and had had surgery.

Categories: Testimonies, Youth Power Invasion Honduras 2014, Physical Tags: Foot Pain, Knee pain, Leg Pain


Achilles Tendon and "Duck Walk" Healed

I prayed for was a girl who asked for the healing of her feet. She had a bandage on her Achilles tendon which was in a lot of pain. I placed my hands on her feet and prayed several times. Eventually all the pain left. 

Categories: Testimonies, March Brazil 2014, Physical Tags: "Duck Walk", Achilles Tendon, Foot Pain

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